Mary Sinclair

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Mary Sinclair

Mary Sinclair


Members of WONAAC at Parliament in 1973 (from left): Di Cleary, Phillida Bunkle, Irene Kennedy, Mary Sinclair, Deborah Jones, Kay Goodger[1]

As at 1973, Mary Sinclair was a member of the radical pro-abortion group, the Woman's National Abortion Action Campaign.[1]

The New Zealand Working Women’s Charter

Circa 1980, Mary Sinclair attended the launch party/fundraiser in Thorndon for The New Zealand Working Women’s Charter which was adopted by the New Zealand Federation of Labour in 1980.[2] Article 15 of the Charter reads,

"Sex education and birth control advice freely available to all people. Legal, financial, social and medical impediments to safe abortion, contraception and sterilisation to be removed."


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