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Mothers For Choice is a NZ-based pro-abortion group established on 31 July, 2010, "started up in support of the key elements of" Steve Chadwick's Abortion on Demand Bill.[1]


The organisation defines the "pro-choice" position on abortion as:[1]

"Respecting the right of individual women to choose for themselves whether or not to continue a pregnancy, without the need to seek permission from anyone else for a termination."

The group is an extreme pro-abortion group as it supports decriminalisation of abortion up to 24 weeks as is seen in their strong support for Chadwick's Abortion on Demand Bill.

Supporting Abortion on Demand Bill

The organisation supports the following aspects which they understand to be the provisions of Steve Chadwick's Abortion on Demand Bill:[1]

  • abortion available on demand (i.e. woman concerned decides) to 24 weeks
  • abortion with medial practitioner’s support after 24 weeks when appropriate
  • decriminalize abortion (remove from Crimes Act)
  • make it an offence for an unqualified person to carry out an abortion (pregnant woman not to be charged)
  • regulate health practitioners involved in terminations
  • health practitioners who have conscientious objection to abortion must inform women they can access abortion from elsewhere


As at 5 August, 2010, the following were listed as media spokespersons for the group:[2]

Facebook Fans

As at 5 August, 2010, the following were listed as "liking" the Mothers For Choice Facebook page:[3]

Contact Details


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