National Pro Choice Gathering

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The National Pro Choice Gathering was held on 12-13th March 2011 in Wellington, New Zealand and was hosted by Action for Abortion Rights.[1]


The 2011 National Pro Choice Gathering was intended as an opportunity for members of the pro-abortion lobby to share resources and ideas and to plan for the future. The gathering was for those who wished to take part in planning and organising a campaign to make child killing "legal, safe and accessible." The website for the gathering stated,[1]

"The weekend will involve a series of facilitated workshops/discussions and some guest speakers. We are still setting the programme. You’re welcome to contribute by running a workshop, speaking or suggesting speakers/topics. We recognise that pro-choice groups and individuals differ in priorities and strategy."


The following spoke at the gathering:


The following stated that they intended to attend the gathering on the Facebook event page:[3]

The following stated that they would maybe attend the gathering on the Facebook event page:[3]

  • Alison McCulloch
  • Angus Hodgson
  • Emma Smith, Whangarei Girls' High
  • Johanna White
  • Julie Fairey
  • Nicki Wilford
  • Rob Carr, Victoria Wellington
  • Sara Epperson, University of Southern California; University of Canterbury
  • Wilbur Townsend, Victoria Wellington, Motueka High School


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