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Planned Parenthood Arizona is an affiliate of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. It is the largest sexual health organization in Arizona. It provides services to over 90,000 women, men, teens and parents through their 14 health centers in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Prescott Valley and Yuma.[1] [2]


Planned Parenthood Arizona celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2010. In the fall of 1934, a group of Tucson women including Margaret Sanger, Mrs. Sherman Wright, Mrs. Hubert d'Autremont, Mrs. Benson Bloom (Christina Johnson), Mrs. Lawrence Gray, Mrs. Guerin Wilson, Mrs. George Dittman, Mrs. J. Harold Bradley, Mrs. G. Barrett, Mrs. John Smith, and Mrs. Roland Davidson met to consider the need for a local birth control clinic. In December 1934, they opened the Clinica para Madres in Tucson. On February 18, 1937, after hearing a speech given by Margaret Sanger in Phoenix, Mrs. Barry Goldwater, Mrs. H.T. Cuthbert, Mrs. Waltern Bimson, Mrs. Dwight B. Heard and Mrs. John Adams Rockwell immediately began raising funds to open the Phoenix Mother's Health Clinic. The Clinic opened on October 1, 1937. These early Arizona clinics were opened for married women to seek family planning counseling services.[3] [2]



Board of Directors

As at August 24, 2012, the following were on the 2011-2012 Board of Directors[7]:

Associated Clinics

The following clinics are operated by Planned Parenthood Arizona, Inc.[8]:






Prescott Valley





Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona

"Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona (PPAA) is the political arm of Planned Parenthood Arizona (PPAZ). It is a non-partisan membership organization whose purpose is to protect and promote sexual and reproductive health and rights in Arizona by educating voters, public officials and candidates for public office.

"PPAA engages in the following electoral activities:

  • Survey candidates and publicize their views
  • Endorse, campaign for and support pro-choice candidates
  • Educate voters and public officials
  • Contribute to candidates through our Political Action Committee (PAC)
  • Host and co-sponsor events, from elegant affairs to informal meet-and-greets, that bring together national and state leaders, local officials and concerned citizens"[9]


Annual Events

  • Roe v. Wade Events

"Held every year in February and March to commemorate the anniversary of the passage of Roe v. Wade", Planned Parenthood holds events such as luncheons and receptions "that benefit the work of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, a nonpartisan membership organization whose purpose is to educate and support voters, public officials, and candidates who promote strong families, planned, wanted children, reproductive rights, and sexual health for all."[10]

  • Get Yourself Tested

Every April, Planned Parenthood Arizona joins Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country, as well as MTV, Kaiser Family Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control to spread the word on the importance to GYT: Get Yourself Talking and Get Yourself Tested. With one in every four sexually active teenage girls having a sexually transmitted infection, it is important to ensure that testing for STIs becomes a regular part of the conversation between partners and during a person's annual exam in order to stay healthy."[10]


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