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Planned Parenthood of North Texas was the North Texas affiliate of Planned Parenthood. It operated in Dallas since 1935 and in Fort Worth since 1938.[1] On September 1, 2012, Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region, Planned Parenthood of North Texas and Planned Parenthood of Central Texas merged into one affiliate with the name Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas.



As at Jan. 5, 2012, the following worked for PPNT:

The following names are all from the same source:[35]

Board of Directors

1999 - 2000

The following served on the board:[36]

2010 - 2011

The following served on the Board:[37]

Advisory Council

1999 - 2000

The following served on the council:[36]

2010 - 2011

The following served on the council:[37]


1999 - 2000 Editors

The following were editors of PPNT's newsletter during this period:[36]

Capital Campaign

PPNT's Capital Campaign is led by Campaign Chair Naomi Aberly, Dallas Co-Chairs Rebecca Bruder and Sally Dunning, and Fort Worth Co-Chairs Dr. Becky Beasley and Margaret DeMoss[37] As at April 3, Lindsay Lane was listed as a contactperson for the campaign.[38]

Associated Clinics

Political Action Committee

Click here for the page on PPNT's PAC.

Clergy for Responsible Choices

Circa May 1999, PPNT sponsored a meeting with the goal of enlisting "local religious authorities in presenting open-minded and deep-seated data about birth control, abortion and other subjects related to human sexuality." The speaker at the event was James L. Demus III, pastor of the Park Manor Christian Church in Chicago.

At this meeting, Michael Comini, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood's Tarrant County Office stated that they were establishing a group called "Clergy for Responsible Choices", a forum for faith leaders to discuss birth control and other subjects related to human sexuality.

Demus said pastors, priests and rabbis who present artificial contraception and abortion as choices for individuals will face much opposition from anti-abortion conservative Christian leaders, "This is dangerous work," he said, referring to the violence that has sometimes erupted at abortion clinics. "But it's worth it."[39]

There is very little information available on this group, which appears to now be defunct. The following were possibly members of the group:


Teen Savvy ‘99

The Teen Savvy Adult Symposium was held on November 12, 1999. Over 100 educators, social workers and other adults who work with adolescents attended. Michael Gurian, family therapist and best selling author, presented, “The Good Son: Shaping the Moral Development of Our Boys and Young Men.” The Symposium was sponsored in part by Planned Parenthood of Dallas and Northeast Texas’ Mankoff Educational Endowment and was presented in collaboration with the following organizations:[36]

2010 Fort Worth Annual Luncheon

The 2010 Annual Luncheon was held on February 3rd at the Fort Worth Omni Hotel. Former New Jersey Governor and President of Whitman Strategy Group Christine Todd Whitman spoke to more than 500 guests who were welcomed by Luncheon Co-Chairs Amy Jacobs, Martha Fry and Debbie Norris, along with their committee.[37]

Rock Your Body Politic: Freedom of Choice Forever

Planned Parenthood hosted the “Rock Your Body Politic: Freedom of Choice Forever” concert to commemorate the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The concert was held at the downtown music venue The Palladium, in an upstairs performance hall that drew a crowd of more than 150 people—many of whom had not been known as supporters of Planned Parenthood. The occasion brought in local bands Happy Bullets, Young and Brave, Giggle Party and Girl in a Coma.[37]

Board Education Session

The Public Policy and Governmental Relations Committee hosted a Board education session on April 12 featuring Destiny Lopez, Director of Latino Engagement for Planned Parenthood Federation of America.[37]

Training Institute For Improved Health

The Training Institute for Improved Health (founded in 2003) provides professional training workshops. Participants register online at the Planned Parenthood website and continuing education units (CEUs) are provided for social workers, counselors and nurses. Planned Parenthood partnered with the Austin-based Center for Health Training for co-sponsorship of all TIIH workshops. TIIH held the following workshops in 2010:[37]

  • January: Melissa Keyes DiGioia, “Streetwise to Sex-Wise: Sex Education for High-Risk Youth”
  • February: Dr. Susan Sugerman, “Parents as Sexuality Educators”
  • February: Dr. Rita Cotterly, “Sexual and Spiritual”
  • April: Evelyn Ting, “Birth Control Updates”
  • April: Liz Wolf, “Sexually Transmitted Infections Update”
  • October: Mandy Golman, “Body Image, Weight-related Issues and Eating Concerns among Today’s Youth: Where Are We Now… Where Can We Go?”
  • November: Ivan Juzang, “Urban Youth: How Can We Engage Them in Healthy Sexuality?”



In 2001, PPNT received $7,914,482 in fees, $4,494,777 in government grants, and $903,754 in contributions. They spent $10,640,357 on healthcare, $1,351,912 on management/general, and $612,394 on education/outreach.[42]


In 2010 PPNT received $11,127,851 in private pay and $9,036,086 in Government funding. Total revenue for 2010 was $27,029,634 while total expenditures for the year were $23,395,208.[37]


1999 - 2000

Special Gifts

The following special gifts were made in 1999:[36][43]

In memory of:

In tribute to:

Honoring the birthday of:

Resource Center

PPNT operates the Sid W. Richardson Learning Resource Center which is located at 301 South Henderson, Fort Worth, Texas 76104.[37]

Contact Details


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