Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

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Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice


In 2009, the following worked for the Coalition:[1]

Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

  • Carol Blowers, Chair - Director of Government Affairs, Family Planning Advocates of NY State
  • F. Alexis Roberson, Vice Chair - President and CEO, Opportunities, Industrialization Center of DC
  • Richard Simms, Treasurer - Executive Director, DC Center for Independent Living
  • Lloyd Steffen, Secretary - University Chaplain, Professor and Dept. Chair, Ethics; Dept. of Religion Studies, Lehigh University
  • Ann Hanson, Chair of the Council of Governors - United Church of Christ, Justice & Witness Ministries
  • Reverend Loey Powell, Immediate Past Chair of the Board - United Church of Christ, Justice & Witness Ministries
  • Dr. Reverend Carlton W. Veazey, President and CEO (ex officio) - Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice


Melissa Winham]], United Methodist Student Movement

Council of Governors

  • Ann Hanson, Chair - United Church of Christ Justice & Witness Ministries
  • Linda Bales, Vice Chair - United Methodist Church General Board of Church & Society



Executive Department:

  • Marjorie Signer, Director, Communications Department
  • [[Alex McNeill, Director, Fund Development Department
  • Reverend [[Matthew Westfox, Director, Interfaith Outreach
  • [[Delia Allen-O’Brien, Director, Information Technology Department
  • Reverend Penny Willis, Director, MultiCultural Programs Department
  • Nicolette Paterson, Director, Public Policy Department
  • Sara Fatell, Interim Director, Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom


  1. RCRC: 2009 Annual Report