Republicans for Planned Parenthood

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Republicans for Planned Parenthood


The group's website states:[1]

"Supportive Republicans are working every day in every state to make sure that their voices are heard across the country. In a number of states, Planned Parenthood was started and supported by Republicans; in addition, a number of Republican presidents have demonstrated strong commitments to federal family planning programs that provide affordable access to birth control and other preventive care."


Republicans for Planned Parenthood was originally called Planned Parenthood Republicans for Choice.[2]


Goldwater Award

Each year, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America presents The Barry Goldwater Award to a public official who has acted as a leader within the Republican Party to support Planned Parenthood.[5]

The award honors the late Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, an outspoken leader in the Republican Party for decades. "Senator Goldwater was a leading voice in the Republican Party to ensure the rights granted to women following the Roe V. Wade decision."[5]

The following have received the award:[5]


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