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Simon Snook

Dr. Simon Snook is a GP, currently working at the Featherston Medical Centre. He is the Director of Abortion Services for the Wairarapa District Health Board, an abortion consultant at the Capital Coast District Health Board and Tairawhiti District Health Board, and a clinician in a vasectomy clinic. Snook is a member of the British and European Societies of Sexual Medicine. He has had experience working in the United Kingdom as a surgeon for Marie Stopes International, and as a doctor for the UK Family Planning Association.[1]

Snip Vasectomy Clinic

Dr. Simon Snook is a clinician at the Snip Vasectomy Clinic.[2] The company is registered as Dexter Medical LTD and is owned jointly by Snook and his wife, Jane Snook.[3]

Family Planning Involvement

The New Zealand Family Planning's magazine for March, 2010 introduces a new member of the Family Planning Council, Dr. Simon Snook.

"Dr Snook says he was motivated to join Family Planning Council because of the chance to be involved at an interesting time with the application to become a provider of early medical abortions. Indeed, he believes access to abortion care, including free, local and non-judgmental delivery, is the key sexual and reproductive health issue facing New Zealand."[1]

Regis Clinic

The Regis Clinic was formally launched in 2007 by Simon Snook. On the Regis Clinic website, the purpose of the clinic is stated: "The intention of the clinic is to offer care in all areas of sexual wellbeing. We achieve this by removing the artificial boundaries that exist in other clinics who only deal with one area of sexual health or another."[4]

Certifying Consultant

As at 11 November, 2009, Snook was a Certifying Consultant at Masterton Public Hospital and the Te Mahoe Unit, in the Wellington Women's Hospital, Wellington. Certifying consultants have the job of approving or disapproving a mother being permitted to have her pre-born child killed by abortion.[5]


Simon Snook was elected as one of the five directors of Istar on 28 November, 2007.[6]

Greytown Medical Centre

Simon Snook performs vasectomies for the Greytown Medical Centre in Masterton.[7]


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