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Dr. Tangimoana Frances Habib is a Hamilton-based doctor and a member of the Abortion Supervisory Committee. Tangimoana is of Ngati Tu Wharetoa descent.


Tangimoana was awarded fellowship of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners in 2003, and currently works as a general practitioner for Te Kohao Health in Hamilton. A Māori health provider, Te Kohao is based in an urban marae and serves a mainly urban Māori population with strong links into the community through a variety of programmes. Tangimoana also runs a satellite clinic in another high need area of Hamilton.

Tangimoana has been involved in Te ORA, the Māori doctors’ association, since 2000, and has been a member of Te Akoranga a Maui, the Māori General Practitioner faculty since its inception in 2002. She served on the RNZCGP council in 2005 and 2006, and is the continuing medical education provider for Te ORA. In addition, Tangimoana has been a GP registrar trainer, and is on the RNZCGP Board of Assessment, a new board established by the College to provide governance in the education and examination of GPs.[1]

Abortion Supervisory Committee

Dr. Tangimoana Habib was appointed to the Abortion Supervisory Committee on 11 April, 2011.[2] The Abortion Supervisory Committee has the responsibility of keeping under review all the provisions of the abortion law in New Zealand, and the operation and effect of those provisions in practice. This includes licensing institutions for the performance of abortions and appointment of certifying consultants to consider cases.


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