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Todd Stave is a Maryland landlord of Germantown Reproductive Health Services, which is an abortion business.

Germantown Reproductive Health Services

Todd Stave's father, Carl Edward Stave, founded the Germantown Reproductive Health Services abortion business which aborts unborn children of up to 24 weeks since LMP. He is known to have severely botched the abortion of Annie W. Martin's child. This involved failing to kill her child and trying again without anesthesia. She required emergency surgery to end an un-diagnosed ectopic pregnancy [1].

On his death, Carl Stave left his abortion business to his two children - Todd and his sister Nancy Stave Samuels.[2]

As at Sept. 27, 2011, Nancy Stave Samuels worked as clinic director at the abortion business.[3] This means that circa Dec. 1, 2000, Todd Stave and Nancy Samuels were co-owners of the Germantown Reproductive Health Services abortion business.

Mr. Stave and Ms. Samuels serve as trustees for the Norma A. Testamentary Trust that owns the business condo leased to Germantown Reproductive Health Services.

On Feb. 23, 2013, speaking of Germantown Reproductive Health Services, Stave stated, "I am the landlord of the clinic."[4]

Leroy Carhart

The Germantown abortion business employs Leroy Carhart. He is a late term abortionist from Nebraska. He is well known for his opposition to the ban on partial-birth abortions, and challenged the federal ban in court in the case Gonzales v. Carhart. He is currently under investigation for misrepresentation of his employment history on his Maryland medical license application[5]. He is also implicated in the death of 19 year old Christin Gilbert when he botched a third trimester abortion on her unborn child [6].

Voice of Choice

Todd Stave is also the founder of the pro-abortion group Voice of Choice.


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