Tove Partington

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Tove Partington

Tove Partington, a self-proclaimed activist, runs Auckland Pro-Choice.

"Attacks on Choice" Event

Participants at the "Attacks on Choice" Event

On 23 July, 2010, Janet Roth, Communist League and Toni Haraldsen, Campus Feminist Collective attended a meeting organised by the Campus Feminist Collective at the University of Auckland which was entitled “Attacks on Choice". Speaking at the event was Tom Baumann, a leader of the Young Socialists from the United States.[1] The following stated that they intended to attend the event: Zannii Anderscum, Caroline Fergusson, Gabrielle Ch-, Soraiya Daud, Nicole Maree Wallace, Miriam Williams, Natasha Lewis, Juliet Thomborson, Matthew Goode, Tove Partington, Toni Haraldsen.[2]

"Helped Arrange Secret Abortions"

On 17 May, 2011, Partington stated,[3]

"I believe young girls should be allowed to have abortions without telling their parents, and have helped girls arrange secret abortions."

Campus Feminist Collective

As at 15 May, 2011, Tove Partington was a member of the Campus Feminist Collective at the University of Auckland.[4]


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