Walk in My Shoes, Hear Our Voice

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The Walk in My Shoes, Hear Our Voice march was held on March 12, 2012 at the Georgia State Capitol Building.


The march had the following stated purpose which was based on the Center for American Progress in their paper “More than a Choice,” inspired by the work of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective.

"We are here today to reclaim our voices. We are rejecting legislation that is being considered or has passed that does not comply with the following principles for all of Georgia’s women: to determine when and whether to have children, to have a healthy pregnancy and birth; to become a parent and parent with dignity, and to have safe and healthy relationships and families."

Guide Leaders for the walk attended training on March 10 which was held by at Feminist Women’s Health Center abortion business.


As at March 8, 2012, the following were listed as sponsors of the march:[1]


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