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Whole Woman's Health is an abortion-business chain owned and operated by Amy Hagstrom Miller.


As at 2010, Whole Woman's Health employed 55 to 60 staff and approximately 12 abortionists. In 2010 the business had est. 10,000 clients. About 30 percent of the patients are seen for non-pregnancy related concerns.[1]


In late 2000, Amy Hagstrom Miller began working in administration for an abortion business in Austin. TX. After working in the facility for 18 months, the physician who owned it said he wanted to retire. In January 2003 the papers giving her ownership were signed. Five months later, in May 2003, she purchased a second Austin clinic and subsequently consolidated the two into one large abortion business. After that, she purchased two health centers in Baltimore, and by 2009 also owned clinics in Beaumont, Fort Worth, and McAllen, Texas.[1]



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