Women's Health Action Trust

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The Women's Health Action Trust


The organisation's vision is found on their website,[1]

We achieve our Vision by:
1. Stimulating debate to strengthen the ability of the public health and non-government organisational (NGO) communities to contribute to the wellbeing of all women in Aotearoa-New Zealand
2. Promoting women's interests and providing a woman's voice in research, education and policy where there are implications for women's health
3. Providing women with information and evidence based resources to enable them to make informed choices and decisions around their own health needs
4. Ensuring the viability and increasing the future capacity of WHA


The following worked for the Women's Health Action Trust in 2010:[3]





15 October 2010 Pro-Choice Meeting

A satellite meeting of the Family Planning Conference 2010 was held on 15 October, 2010 and organised by Christy Parker and Jo Fitzpatrick of Women's Health Action. This was an opportunity for pro-choice advocates to get together and share information. MP Hon Steve Chadwick was unable to attend but sent a presentation which was screened.[4]


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